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12. January 2024

LogiMAT 2024: World Premiere of Innovative Pocket Sorter

  • TGW's portfolio offers answers to the challenges that many companies are currently facing.
  • Trade fair highlight 2024: a pocket sorter with a disruptive hanging goods conveyor system involving autonomous robots that travel independently along a system of rails to reach their destinations.
  • At the TGW booth (Hall 5, C21), the spotlight will also be shared by a highly-efficient order fulfillment system as well as mobile robots from the Quba family (arisen from a strategic partnership with SAFELOG).

(Marchtrenk, Austria, 12 January 2024) With the world changing more and more rapidly, many developments now occur in a disruptive rather than linear manner. In an environment marked by great uncertainty, it is hardly possible to reliably predict what the future will bring: labour shortages, volatile consumer behaviour, sustainability? This greatly impairs the ability of companies to plan ahead. As an experienced solution provider, TGW Logistics offers a comprehensive portfolio of mechatronic, robotic and software solutions. Investment risks can be reduced with the help of this portfolio, putting customers back in full control of their growth.

Not only the mechatronic modules but also the software available from TGW Logistics are scalable, thus reducing the risk of making a bad decision when it comes to far-reaching investments in intralogistics. If business develops better than expected, the installations can be expanded or upgraded quickly and thus adapted to the new requirements. This way, growth is rendered plannable, lowering the associated risk.


Shaping the future: we put you in control!

High flexibility removes the risk from investment decisions and makes the future manageable. Companies can offer their customers an excellent level of service and simultaneously ensure maximum efficiency in order fulfillment, simply by treating technology as a facilitator.

As a foundation-owned company, TGW Logistics is a stable, reliable partner: the intralogistics specialist may not be sold and does not have to report to the stock market. Sustainable action and social responsibility go hand in hand as part of a comprehensive entrepreneurial approach, all in the interests of humanity, business and society.

Pocket sorter as a game changer for e-commerce

The innovative hanging goods conveyor system complete with sorter pockets is a game changer for e-commerce. It relies on autonomous robots that travel independently along a system of intersecting rails to reach their destinations. This approach allows maximum flexibility in the design and operation of the installation, as well as making it possible to adjust the scale to fit real-life business development exactly.

The initial investment and the operating expenses are kept low, and performance can be increased via the purchase of additional modules.

Flexible order fulfillment

Robots handle the fully-automatic storage and retrieval of goods in the innovative ASRS system, fostering an attitude of "stop just picking, start fulfilling orders!" Mobile robots then bring the goods to ergonomic 1:1 picking workstations for order fulfillment. Main advantages: the scale of the system can be adjusted rapidly, it offers maximum flexibility, and it boasts a short realisation period.


Mobile robots: strong partnership with SAFELOG

Mobile robots are a key technology for high-performance, future-fit intralogistics. That is why TGW Logistics formed a strategic partnership with the German specialist SAFELOG in November 2022. The Quba family mobile robotics portfolio, which consists of TGW fleet management software and mobile robots for transporting load carriers, serves as the basis for scalable, flexible customer applications.

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LogiMAT 2024: World Premiere of Innovative Pocket Sorter
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World Premiere

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