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Picking with FlashPick®

Fast & flexible
GTP picking

FlashPick® is our smart order fulfillment system for goods-to-person picking (GTP). It is able to address any distribution channel (E-Commerce, wholesale and retail) and is therefore ideal for omni-channel operations. The single-order management approach is raising the bar in terms of speed and flexibility.

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FlashPick® combines our industry-leading material handling equipment into one system while the TGW Warehouse Software manages the individual processes as well as the entire material flow. 

SKU containers are stored and retrieved by shuttles and transported to manual or robotic picking workstations via the conveyor network. The SKUs and order totes/cartons arrive at the picking station perfectly sequenced. After the picking process, they are automatically restored in the shuttle system while the order totes or cartons are directed to the shipping area.

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Advantages of FLASHPICK®

  • REDUCE ORDER PREPARATION TIMES Improve delivery turnaround time with greater speed, and accept last-minute orders with confidence. FlashPick® enables you to shorten the time from order entry to picking and shipping to aproximately 15 minutes.

  • UNBEATABLE FLEXIBILITY Changes in commodity prices, markets, and consumer tastes cause companies to have changing business models in their product ranges and offerings. If you need your logistics to provide maximum flexibility in your operational processes, this solution fits your needs.

  • EASILY SCALABLE No limitation in system size

  • ZERO-TOUCH Smart combination of manual workstations (PickCenter One) and robotic workstations (PickCenter Rovolution) for zero-touch operation

  • GREEN LOGISTICS At TGW we have a strong commitment to sustainability. We aim for maximum reliability and cost-effectiveness by using energy-efficient and lowmaintenance components to respect the environment.


A revolution in only three phases, based on simplicity and efficiency. Obtain maximum throughput in the Inbound, storage, and expedition processes of your company.

Simplicity is the basic pillar on which the operation of this revolutionary system is sustained. The FlashPick® process is carried out in only three phases of order preparation.

  • Phase I. Goods Inbound
    The totes from the warehouse are sent via shuttles to the manual or robotic workstations by means of the conveyor system.
  • Phase II. Order preparation
    The TGW Warehouse Software determines a logic order of tote arrival to the corresponding order preparation workstations.
  • Phase III. Order delivery
    The reference numbers are sent automatically to the shuttle system, so the order boxes/totes are guided to the shipping area.
Automation of the new distribution center.

Hachette UK Distribution

Omni-channel distribution center for Puma in Europe.


Highly automated distribution center for Jasco in Oklahoma City.

Jasco Home Automation

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