The best possible storage of your products with our automatic storage systems.

Shuttle and automatic mini-load systems


Our automatic storage systems give you the benefit of a comprehensive range of products, to provide the best possible automation of the warehousing of your products. The focus of our shuttle systems and automatic mini-load warehouses is on maximum dynamics and optimal utilization of volume while also ensuring easy maintenance and durability. 

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Here, you can find an overview of our storage systems:

Automatic Mini-Load Systems: Automatic storage and retrieval machines based on innovation and tradition.

Mini-load Systems

TGW presents Stingray at Cold Chain exhibition in Bangkok

Shuttle Systems

Our smart order fulfillment system for goods-to-person.

Smart Piece Picking System

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TGW Logistics und OPEX® Corporation schließen eine strategische Partnerschaft

TGW Logistics and OPEX® Corporation form a strategic partnership

TGW presents Stingray at Cold Chain exhibition in Bangkok
Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems

Shuttle Systems