FullPick - Mixed case palletising

FullPick - Mixed Case Palletizing System


Efficiency Refined.

FullPick is a reliable and high-performing system for the formation of mixed pallets and roll containers (mixed case palletizing). Producers and retailers of food, as well as food services companies, can use it to load both pallets and roll containers automatically according to customer requirements. 

Based on the requirements, the system can be tailored to various levels of automation, ranging from semi-automated to fully automated, using a variety of modules. The mixed case palletizing system can be expanded optionally with a split case picking module, allowing for a broader scope of operations, such as the picking of less frequently moved items. This makes the system ideally suited for deployment in an omnichannel distribution center.

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Store-focused: We recognize the critical role of well-stocked shelves in retail. FullPick revolutionizes the process of forming mixed pallets and roll containers, ensuring timely replenishment for stores. Whether it’s fresh produce or packaged goods, it handles grocery items with precision. Its intelligent design optimizes efficiency across the entire supply chain. 

Say farewell to frustrating out-of-stock situations. FullPick helps to restock your store shelves in no time, keeping customers satisfied and shelves brimming. It adapts seamlessly to different temperature zones – ambient, fresh, chilled, and frozen – and ensures that your products remain in optimal condition. Even in extreme environments, FullPick thrives, making it a reliable choice for your supply chain needs.

Invent the flavor of tomorrow

Future-proof: Say goodbye to logistical headaches as FullPick revolutionizes your business model. With optimized single piece picking, deliveries to the growing number of city shops become a breeze, even for small quantities sourced from containers or roll containers. 

Discover reliability in uncertain times with FullPick. Whether it's alterations in store layouts, load carriers, or order structures, our system remains unaffected, ensuring seamless operations as your business evolves. No more worries about SKU changes, whether seasonal or long-term. FullPick remains independent, swiftly integrating new stock keeping units (SKUs) into its workflow with no delays or hassle. Reliability is our guarantee. 

FullPick boasts a robust design, ensuring uninterrupted service and consistent availability for your customers. Embrace automation and watch your labor costs drop. FullPick operates with full automation, maximizing efficiency and accuracy while minimizing manual interventions. From single cartons to full pallets, FullPick handles a variety of shipping formats effortlessly, ensuring adaptability at every turn. 

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Maximum productivity, minimum waste

Efficiency refined: The FullPick design maximizes space efficiency and adapts to different building types while ensuring high unit throughput. It is easily integrated into existing systems or warehouses, making it suitable for use on brownfield sites.

Experience exceptional productivity with our system, powered by top-tier mechatronics and intelligent software solutions. Benefit from the use of trays, which liberate you from the packaging constraints of your future products—offering versatile storage solutions and enabling high storage density by accommodating multiple cases per tray.

FullPick is designed to optimize truck loading, reducing the number of journeys, and increasing the number of boxes per load carrier. Its compact design minimizes cooling requirements, saving energy costs. The system ensures fast and secure handling, has a long lifespan, and requires 75% less maintenance, making it efficient and eco-friendly. It is particularly beneficial in the refrigeration and freezer sectors, where rising energy prices are a challenge. By minimizing cooled volume, the FullPick system helps users to save energy costs and contributes to sustainable practices.

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