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In the vehicle aftermarket segment, companies benefit from our years of experience and efficient and flexible automated warehouse solutions for spare parts. The requirements of the industry are challenging: Fast, reliable and cost-effective omni-channel fulfillment is critical to success. Global brands trust TGW as a partner - automated warehouse solutions at its best! We know how to solve complex tasks and improve fulfillment processes for the long term. With its innovative management approach based on single orders, FlashPick®, in particular, sets new standards in speed and flexibility. 

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Bileko Car Parts automates its distribution center

The expansion of the logistics centre in Strängnäs will enable the group to consolidate the activities of two distribution centers into one existing facility (brown field installation). The main benefits of the move will be offering customers a better level of service , and reducing inventory holding, overheads and labour costs. The supply chain covers three order types - branches replenishment, workshop orders and e-commerce direct delivery - and is thus an omni-channel model.

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Highly flexible solution for U.S. spare parts specialists

In the state of Kansas, USA, TGW recently completed an automated distribution center for spare parts specialist, TVH Parts Co. This included a five-aisle shuttle system with 51,000 storage locations, combined with highly efficient goods-to-person picking workstations ensures maximum flexibility. Thanks to the new TGW automation, it was possible to increase throughput, while reducing manual workflow. TVH customer`s now benefit from better service, as well as extended order placement deadlines.

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  • EFFICIENT HANDLING wide variety of items, regardless of size, weight, packaging, composition and individual properties

  • MINIMIZED RETURNS PROCESSING thanks to increased picking accuracy

  • MAXIMUM FLEXIBILITY without loss of productivity if order profiles change or SKU range grows

  • EXPANSION without any problems in accommodating high growth rates


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