Automatisierungslösung für die Logistik im Foodservice-Sektor
Food service sector
Automation solution

Foodservice & logistics: customised automation solution for your company

The food service sector places heavy demands on logistics, particularly when it comes to supplying fast food restaurants, convenience stores, canteens and institutions in the entertainment business. Robustness, speed and flexibility are of vital importance when it comes to meeting the varied demands in this dynamic environment.

TGW offers automated solutions tailored especially to the needs of the food service sector. TGW offers individual solutions that fulfill each customer's particular requirements, whether they involve efficiently providing ingredients for meals, supplying fresh products, or storing packing material.

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Our automation solutions are designed to optimize processes, increase efficiency, and at the same time ensure high product quality. With our solutions, companies in the food service sector can improve their operations, lower costs and at the same time ensure the satisfaction of their customers.

Thanks to our many years of experience and expertise in the area of warehouse automation, we can help you successfully overcome the challenges of the food service sector. Our solutions provide you with the robustness, speed and flexibility that you need to succeed in this demanding market environment.

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Foodservice automation solution

  • INDUSTRY EXPERTISE TGW experts develop the fitting solution
  • PROCESS OPTIMIZATION Implementing highly-automated solutions can improve processes and save costs
  • GREEN LOGISTICS Energy-efficient systems lower energy costs
  • SAVING SPACE Implementing TGW automation solutions optimizes storage density

FullPick is a robust and flexible standard system that can also be utilised in freezer applications.

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TGW-Vorteile Foodservice Sektor: Prozessoptimierung, Green Logistics, Flächeneinsparung
KingDrive is TGW's conveyor system for totes, trays, cartons and polybags.

Carton & Tote Conveyors

Bestellen Sie online? Dann sind ihre Produkte in Weichverpackungen in Form von Polybag, Paperbag oder Versandtasche bestimmt auch bereits über unsere Fördertechnik transportiert worden.

Conveyor technology for
Soft packaging

Umfangreicher Intralogistik Baukasten vernetzt mit intralogistischem Materialfluss


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