Insight into the future of eGrocery and explains how the advantages of online shopping and stationary retail can be combined.

eGrocery expert roundtable

Informative expert roundtable with recommendations for successful business models, targeted to the eGrocery growth market.

Where and how will customers buy groceries and other products for everyday consumption over the next few years, and what do successful business models for the market look like? Be sure to tune in to the informative discussion featuring Dr. Matthias Schu; Professor Oliver Schauer, PhD, MBA; and the host, Dr. Michael Schedlbauer.

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The experts at the roundtable

Dr. Matthias Schu is a consultant, author and keynote speaker as well as a lecturer in e-commerce and retail at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts. He focuses on the areas of e-food/online grocery retail, e-commerce and platform economy, omnichannel and retail strategies, business development and project and program management.

Dr. Michael Schedlbauer is Industry Manager Grocery at TGW Logistics Group. He specializes in the fields of warehouse automation, grocery retail and e-commerce, business development, (intra-)logistics planning and strategic projects.

University of Applied Sciences Professor Mag. Dr. Oliver Schauer MBA is Research Professor of Traffic Logistics & Mobility and Head of the "Digital Transport and Logistics Management" program at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria – Campus Steyr. He is also a member of Logistikum.RETAIL, a liaison organization between academia and the private sector specialized in retail & last mile and physical Internet.

Expert Michael Schedlbauer about the future of eGrocery and how the advantages of online shopping and stationary retail can be combined.

Expert Opinion Fast and fresh shopping online with products service automation.

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