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Focus on automation: customised e-commerce solution for your company

In the fast-growing e-commerce sector, companies face multiple challenges, including low margins, reproducing customers' positive brick-and-mortar retail experiences in online shopping, guaranteeing precision in orders and delivery, as well as the necessity to reduce fulfillment costs while maintaining product quality.

In this challenging environment, automation is an essential element for companies seeking success in the digital market. Modern automation solutions make it possible to carry out processes efficiently, cater to individual and changing customer requirements, and maintain a secure supply chain. 

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By implementing such solutions, companies can increase their efficiency, lower costs and simultaneously boost customer satisfaction. Thus, automation plays a decisive role in overcoming the dynamic requirements of e-commerce and is an essential factor for long-term success in digital commerce.

TGW offers tailored automation solutions that support companies in overcoming these challenges. By implementing TGW technology, companies can significantly lower costs and decrease the time required per delivery or item. This makes it possible for them to work more efficiently, boost customer satisfaction and stay competitive. With TGW's automation solutions, companies can optimize their processes and concentrate on their core business, while at the same time successfully mastering the requirements of digital commerce.

Central Fulfillment Center

Central Fulfilment Center

Micro Fulfilment Center

Consolidation Temperaturzonen Lebensmittel Intralogistik


Central Fulfilment Center

Super fast and super flexible

An efficient and powerful interplay of goods receiving, storage, picking and distribution is possible with a central fulfillment center from TGW. TGW offers you a degree of automation tailored to your needs.

  • FLEXIBLE DELIVERY Central Fulfillment Centers can accommodate deliveries from a large number of suppliers 
  • LOW COSTS CFCs are designed in such a way as to keep the inbound costs very low
  • PLANNABLE PROCESSES The number of orders and their composition can be predicted quite accurately as today's customers place orders for tomorrow
Central Fulfillment Center
Micro Fulfilment Center

The decentralised and high-performance solution

Micro Fulfillment Centers (MFC) stand out thanks to their customer proximity and fast delivery. They make it possible for you to process online orders using a minimum amount of space, and they provide efficient systems for online grocery retail. MFCs are also perfectly suited to attend to users who come and pick up their items in person (click and collect) or take advantage of the curbside delivery option.

  • LOW INVESTMENT COSTS & RAPID IMPLEMENTATION MFCs can be integrated into the existing network of shops in order to combine the strengths of brick-and-mortar retail with the convenience of e-commerce.
TGW Micro Fulfillment Lösung im Online Lebensmittelhandel

Automated system for multiple temperature zones

Multiple temperature zones are often required to guarantee optimal product quality. Normal temperature, chilled products and freezer applications—this makes planning and implementation particularly demanding. Thanks to consolidation, however, this is no longer a problem. Partial orders are buffered by an automated system, consolidated into one overall order and then retrieved in sequence. 

  • LESS WASTE Automated consolidation facilitates the sustainable reduction of food waste and of packing material. 
Consolidation Temperaturzonen Lebensmittel Intralogistik
KingDrive is TGW's conveyor system for totes, trays, cartons and polybags.

Carton & Tote Conveyors

Bestellen Sie online? Dann sind ihre Produkte in Weichverpackungen in Form von Polybag, Paperbag oder Versandtasche bestimmt auch bereits über unsere Fördertechnik transportiert worden.

Conveyor technology for
Soft packaging

Umfangreicher Intralogistik Baukasten vernetzt mit intralogistischem Materialfluss


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