Major project in central Switzerland combines transport of people and goods.
Vision realised
Pallet conveyor technology
at an altitude of 2,300 metres



Ready for life after COVID – with a state-of-the-art transportation centre for  future generations: For the V-Cableway, a large-scale project for Jungfraubahnen in the Bernese Oberland region, a unique system has been created for the combined transport of people and goods.

The whole project is based on a joint solution from Doppelmayr Group, the world leader in cableway construction with regard to quality, technology and market share. The company is headquartered in the Austrian state of Vorarlberg. The innovative goods transport solution was made a reality by the intralogistics expert LTW Intralogistics, which is part of the group. In view of the integrated high-capacity unit load conveyors, LTW once again put its faith in the skill of the TGW Distributor business unit.

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 "The project was exciting and challenging right from the start; all parties involved successfully joined forces and shared their expertise. Some of the rather unusual requirements were new to our mechatronic sub-systems. Especially loading large pallets onto our conveyors in the valley, transporting them up by almost 1,400 metres by means of the Eiger Express and then unloading them again onto our conveyors. At the top station, the pallets are unloaded from the Eiger Express and transported through a tunnel with a downhill gradient to their destination or to the Jungfrau Railway for further transportation. The combination of conveyor equipment and cableway as well as the conditions on site were new to us. Numerous factors have made this project so exciting. It has also become clear that any project, no matter how extraordinary, is possible with TGW", explains Angelo Mairhofer, Applications Enigneer of TGW Mechanics the project.

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  • UNIT LOAD CONVEYOR Integrated unit load conveyor solution built to high quality standard

  • AVAILABILITY AND RELIABILITY Maximum availability and reliability as top priority

  • GO-LIVE Early go-live thanks to the efficient cooperation between all companies involved

  • TRAVEL DISTANCE Travel distance of almost 6.5 km and an elevation gain of about 1,390 m in 15 minutes

The only one of its kind in the world so far and highly automated. Groceries for the restaurants and merchandise for the souvenir shops are transported during regular passenger operation times.

The conveyor system passes the individual materials onward to a vertical conveyor, which transfers the goods to a loading robot. The robot then loads the cabin of the cableway – in full view of the visitors or passengers. This innovative system complies with the highest safety standards and efficiency at a new level.

  • Max payload 2,300 kg (total)
  • 6% incline (3.4°)
  • 80 m conveyor system (3-line) including special requirements for:
  • Tilting device
  • FOK150 chain conveyor + non-standard gauge (for loading the cableway cabin)
  • Turntable + chain conveyor
  • Feed / pick-up (at ground level)
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System integrators around the world trust the TGW Distributor business unit as a professional and reliable trade partner of high-end solutions within our range of services – from planning to implementation and lifetime services.

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Thomas Frauenberger

Head of Sales Distributor Business Unit
TGW Mechanics GmbH

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