TGW Logistics und OPEX® Corporation schließen eine strategische Partnerschaft
10. Nisan 2024

TGW Logistics and OPEX® Corporation form a strategic partnership

  • The European intralogistics specialist and the US-based expert in warehouse automation are working in close collaboration
  • With over 50 years of intralogistics experience, TGW Logistics will further optimize OPEX Corporation’s groundbreaking Infinity® technology
  • Together, the two companies hope to tap new customer groups and markets in the US and Europe

(Marchtrenk, Austria, 10th of April 2024) The two internationally active automation specialists recently signed a strategic partnership agreement. As part of the collaboration, TGW Logistics is channeling its experience into the further development of OPEX® Corporation's Infinity® automated storage and retrieval (AS/RS) technology, which will also be implemented in LivePick, TGW Logistics' innovative new order fulfillment system.

OPEX is a global leader in Next Generation Automation, developing advanced solutions for warehouse, document and mail automation. The family-run company, founded in 1975, is headquartered in the US and employs over 1,500 people on five continents. TGW Logistics was founded in 1969, has more than 4,400 employees and is counted among the leading global intralogistics specialists. The company is headquartered in Marchtrenk (Austria) but serves various noteworthy customers in the US through its unit in Grand Rapids (Michigan), including Gap, Urban Outfitters and Victoria's Secret.

Not only do OPEX and TGW Logistics each boast approximately 50 years of experience in the automation industry, but they also share values and a strong focus on corporate culture.

Longstanding experience, shared values

The award-winning OPEX Infinity AS/RS system represents unlimited flexibility and scalability in terms of throughput and storage capacity, making it the ideal solution for small and medium-sized fulfillment projects. Infinity robots can move freely along both the vertical and horizontal axes, ensuring highly efficient use of the available space. Infinity stands out from the competitors' technology by providing up to 35 percent greater storage capacity within the same footprint, as well as up to 65 percent higher efficiency in terms of the routes the robots take through the rack.

“OPEX is thrilled to be partnering with TGW Logistics to build upon our groundbreaking Infinity AS/RS technology,” states Alex Stevens, President, Warehouse Automation, OPEX. “We have always admired TGW’s technology, experience, and quality – by combining that with our innovation and product experience, this partnership is sure to result in full solutions that will delight our customers.”

Collaboration milestone

"We are very excited about our partnership with OPEX. Common values and a strong focus on corporate culture brought us to this strategic milestone," affirms Christoph Wolkerstorfer, Chief Technology Officer of TGW Logistics. "With our experience as a systems integrator, we will bring fresh momentum to the optimization and further development of Infinity as part of this collaboration."

Press release

TGW Logistics and OPEX® Corporation form a strategic partnership
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OPEX and TGW Logistics

Henry Puhl (CEO TGW Logistics), Alex Stevens (President Warehouse Automation OPEX) and Christoph Wolkerstorfer (CTO TGW Logistics)
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