Französischer DIY-Marktführer Leroy Merlin vertraut auf TGW Lifetime Services.
28. Temmuz 2023

DIY market leader Leroy Merlin trusts in TGW Lifetime Services

  • French do-it-yourself specialist Leroy Merlin relies on TGW's service expertise
  • Full service package for optimal system availability
  • On-site support, maintenance and repair as well as remote support

(Marchtrenk, Austria, 31 July 2023) The French do-it-yourself market leader Leroy Merlin and TGW perform an interim assessment of their Lifetime Services contract. For two years now, a team of 17 TGW experts has been ensuring the reliability and maximum performance of the highly-automated fulfilment centre southeast of Paris.

Full Service contract

For DIY, home and gardening needs alike, Leroy Merlin unites a large product selection with high service quality. In order to continue optimising its supply chain, the French company commissioned a high-performance TGW FlashPick® system in the summer of 2021. The highly-automated solution in Réau makes it possible to speed up deliveries to shops and online customers as well as to noticeably reduce lead times.

Since go-live in the summer of 2021, the 17-member TGW on-site team has been ensuring maximum availability during live operation – and six days a week at that. In addition to support by on-site technicians, the full service contract also includes preventive or corrective maintenance as well as remote support.

Focus on total cost of ownership

Alongside its regular service activities, the TGW team also carries out preventive maintenance and supports Leroy Merlin's ongoing improvement measures to optimise system performance as well as workstation safety and ergonomics. The full service package also includes spare parts delivery and management as well as support by remote experts.

Trust in the expertise and experience of TGW

The FlashPick® system encompasses nine shuttle aisles with approx. 80,000 storage locations, 171 Stingray shuttles and a capacity of roughly 70,000 order lines per day. The various work areas (preparation, filling and palletising) are interconnected via energy-efficient KingDrive® conveyor equipment. The shuttle system is connected to six PickCenter One picking workstations.

"We are delighted with the trust that Leroy Merlin places in the expertise and experience of TGW," affirms Juan Carlos Mendoza, Director of Lifetime Services at TGW South Europe. "We work together with the customer to ensure the optimal performance of the highly-automated system, always keeping an eye on the total cost of ownership. This is made possible by a comprehensive package tailored to the needs of Leroy Merlin."

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DIY market leader Leroy Merlin trusts in TGW Lifetime Services
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