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The TGW Digital Services Platform is the interface between the heterogeneous data sources of a distribution centre and all of its users.

The platform prepares and presents data as needed and thus enables you to make full use of the existing data.

The machine learning algorithms let you draw entirely new insights from your data. For example, you can use the "digital twin" service to discover potential improvements in your order structure.

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TGW Digital

The TGW Digital Services Platform is a global tool that you can now use to obtain a variety of digital services and products with flexible payment models.

TGW’s new solution for big data analysis collects data from all areas of a system, processes them and evaluates them with the help of artificial intelligence. The underlying architecture links all data sources with the physical system structure to form a virtual replica. Digital assistants recognise potential problems in advance and propose preventive measures.


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Markus Pschernig

Head of Simulation and Emulation
TGW Logistics Group

One of the digital products on the TGW Digital Services Platform is the "digital twin" application. Mirror your physical system in a digital environment and make its behaviour visible, traceable and predictable. The digital twin monitors the current condition of a system and, with a replay function, can even look back at the past in order to re-enact unexpected events.

At the same time, the digital twin also enables a look into the future, such as to predict when certain maintenance tasks have to be carried out. Benefit from real-time performance data, a high level of transparency and increased productivity.

On the TGW Digital Services Platform, we provide a variety of monitoring products for processes and conditions. They enable you to detect worn wear parts and remedy them before they cause downtime in your system.

Learn more about the TGW CMMS, which you can use to digitalise all maintenance procedures.

Do you have certain ideas or requirements for improving processes, but cannot focus on them one hundred percent? In the spirit of the lean start-up and co-creation approach, we work together with you to develop digital solutions based on the TGW Digital Services Platform. Our team collaborates with you on site to analyse digital challenges and the business case, then takes over the implementation in the form of a "minimum viable product" – a product with just enough features to satisfy early customers. The implementation takes place incrementally. We start with a core product that is expanded iteratively in what are known as "sprints" and customised to your needs. With each iteration, we jointly evaluate the benefit and adapt the project direction if necessary. The risk and effort for implementing the product is low, and you obtain the right results quickly.


  • 1-2 day on-site workshop at your location
  • Process evaluation and identification of digital "pain points"
  • Process documentation


  • Half-day workshop for presenting insights and results
  • Half-day workshop for defining the strategy, co-creation and next steps
  • Prioritisation, definition and assignment for co-creation of specific use cases


  • Analysis of the available data and preliminary benefit and ROI analysis
  • Iterative development of a prototype
  • Review of the benefit of the prototype and, if necessary, adaptation of the project direction
  • Iterative development of the minimum viable product and measurement of the benefit with each iteration
  • Rollout

Personnel flow is a core process in logistics centres, yet digital support for it often leaves something to be desired. PLANCISE is about to change that with an intelligent and high-performance solution that will take employee resource planning to the next level. Spotlight on performance, flexibility and user friendliness.


PLANCISE is a high-performance software for efficient staff and shift scheduling in logistics centers. PLANCISE can produce analyses at the push of a button, make recommendations and visualise data on one dashboard

PLANCISE chosen among over 1,400 nominations globally as the workforce management software winner of 2023 SupplyTech Breakthrough award

The TGW-founded start-up has already made a positive impact on several customers in its pilot program

Many more digital products and services await you on the TGW Digital Services Platform! Contact us and find out more about how you can make your distribution centre even more transparent!


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