22. febbraio 2024

C-LOG looks back on the automation of its logistics center with TGW Logistics

  • A high-performance TGW FlashPick® system accelerates the French supply chain specialist
  • E-commerce orders for the fashion company Groupe Beaumanoir are picked in the fulfillment center in Poupry
  • A four-aisle shuttle warehouse with 60,000 storage locations and PickCenter One workstations make up the centerpiece of the installation

(Marchtrenk, Austria, 22nd February 2024) C-LOG optimised its intralogistics for the long term with the fulfillment center commissioned in 2020 in Poupry, roughly 20 kilometres north of Orléans. The centerpiece of the high-performance FlashPick® system consists of a shuttle warehouse with 60,000 storage locations, as well as ergonomic PickCenter One picking workstations. Automation made it possible to shorten lead times for online orders and boost productivity - not to mention the improved ergonomics for employees.

C-LOG was founded in 2002 by Roland Beaumanoir. The supply chain specialist with its network of ten logistics centers processes both B2B and B2C orders for the Groupe Beaumanoir, one of France's leading fashion specialists. C-LOG processes 3.5 million online orders and dispatches 90 million items per year, from clothing to accessories to shoes.

Reduced lead times

For its distribution center in Poupry, C-LOG put its trust in the experience and expertise of TGW Logistics as systems integrator. There were two main reasons behind the decision to invest in automating the e-commerce processes: the first was to drastically reduce lead times and thus also the delivery time for customers. And the second arose from considerations of efficiency: minimising the number of manual operational steps and increasing productivity. Another positive effect was the long-term improvement of ergonomics for employees.

Automation as the answer to key challenges

"The choice of location allowed us to offer our customers shorter delivery times. If you order online by 7 p.m., you will receive your order the next day," raves Gwendal Buzulier, Director of Industrialisation at C-LOG. "TGW Logistics accompanied us as a partner on our automation journey and delivered a high-performance, innovative solution that entirely satisfies our needs and expectations. Automation provided us with answers to the biggest challenges that we were facing.“

Press release

C-LOG looks back on the automation of its logistics center with TGW Logistics
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Exterior view

The fulfillment center in Poupry
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A look inside

The four-aisle shuttle system
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