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Empresa / Proveedor de servicios / Titular de los medios

Ludwig Szinicz Straße 3
4614 Marchtrenk, Austria

E-Mail: [email protected]
Teléfono: +43 (0)50 486 


Forma jurídica: Sociedad limitada
Domicilio social: 4614 Marchtrenk
Número de registro mercantil: FN 294154 f
Tribunal del registro mercantil: Tribunal regional de Wels
Número de identificación fiscal: ATU63456209 


Dirección ejecutiva (órganos con poder de representación):
Dr. Henry Puhl
Clemens Bauernfeind
Lic. Ing. Wolkerstorfer Christoph 



Autoridad de supervisión/Autoridad de licencia de actividad: Autoridad administrativa del distrito de Wels
Legislación: Reglamento de actividades comerciales de 1994 (GewO) en la versión actual correspondiente
Miembro de: Cámara de Comercio de Austria
Objeto social: Administración y función de holding del grupo empresarial.
Marcas: TGW, FlashPick, OmniPick, OmniStore, Rovolution, KingDrive, TGW Commander, iWACS, Cognitive Warehouse 

Responsable del contenido: TGW Logistics Group GmbH 

Declaración de protección de datos 


Unless specified otherwise, TGW shall be the sole copyright holder for all text, graphics, photos, logos/brands, design, etc. that can be retrieved on this website. Therefore, use is permitted only with express written consent of the rights owner or for private use. 


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If this website includes links to third-party websites, TGW shall not assume any liability or warranty of any kind for the content of these "external links", because TGW has no influence on their content and design. If the website operator obtains knowledge of any legal infringement by the content of external links, this link shall be removed immediately insofar as this is technically possible and reasonable. 


Disclaimer of liability
The content of this website is created with the greatest possible care and is subject to regular updates and review. TGW shall assume no liability for its completeness or suitability for certain purposes.  

The website owner is solely responsible for its own content. The user shall have sole risk for the use of this website and the retrievable content. 

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